Monday, September 5, 2011

Greetings and welcome to TV Tour Guide.

I love television. Using the word LOVE here. I watch and enjoy shows across all genres. I tune into critic favorites, bubble shows and guilty pleasures. I laugh, cheer, yell, cry, scream and rant at the many antics, trials, tribulations and adventures brought to us by network and cable alike.

I have now chosen to share my passion with you. Come along as I provide episode recaps and commentary, tell you what I learned from my favorite characters, make recommendations on what to watch, wax nostalgia about shows of the past and regale you with my undeniable humor, wit and insight. So here we ... wait, where are you going?

Seriously, read on, look around and join me as we welcome back and enjoy returning shows, tune in and discover new ones and even rediscover old ones once forgotten.

Parts one and two of my "Introduction to the 2011 Fall Season" will post later this week, just in time for you to plan your viewing and/or set your DVRs.

Happy viewing!

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