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Comic-Con 2012

Had another amazing time at Comic-Con, beating the odds and getting a re-sale pass to Sunday, the day panels for two of my favorite shows, Supernatural and Fringe, were on. SO much goodness!

I have to say - as humbly as I can - that I have a fated connection with Supernatural.  From day one I have managed to get into nearly every event featuring members of the show - conventions, panels, book signings, talk shows - I have gone after, sometimes last minute, sometimes against the odds, and this weekend was no different.  If you could have seen the line for Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center and the thousands of people on it waiting to go in (a great deal were for Dr. Who but Fringe and Supernatural fans made up a grand number), you could see why not everyone who wanted to got in.  But because I went with CC veterans who had a solid plan of attack, we were able to get seats.  We were toward the back - the panelists looked like tiny little specs - but we were in and had a great view of the very large screens, had our Fringe fedoras atop our heads and were among friends, so party on! 

Please do forgive the quality of my pictures.  I know I could go online and find professional ones, but darnit, I was there and I have my own and am choosing to share them with you!
So, we just missed the beginning of the Fringe panel, which opened with an incredible preview of the upcoming fifth and final season.  We were busy just trying to find seats in the nearly pitch black, but it looks incredible.  The panelists included executive producer J.H. Wyman and cast members Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham), Joshua Jackson (Peter Bishop), John Noble (Walter Bishop), Lance Reddick (Phillip Broyles) and Jasika Nicole (Astrid Farnsworth). 
 Topics included how the show will end (from a possible two and a half ideas, the chosen one became very clear to Wyman, and the cast has already been informed of it and what will happen to their characters). Also discussed was what the cast and writers believe the show has always been ultimately grounded in:  love.  "It's the thing that holds Fringe together," said Noble.
Not many spoilers were given because Wyman wants the fans to enjoy the ride to the end as it happens without knowing anything ahead of time. Jackson agreed that that's how he would want it if he himself were a viewer.   Jackson added that he thinks "Peter and Olivia will get the final chapter of their story" and Torv concurred. 
Nicole - who at one point broke into tears talking about Torv's talent, causing Torv herself to break down, followed shortly after by Reddick (sorry, Lance, know you asked us not to mention it but it was a lovely moment...) - talked about how she fully expected to be killed off early on and that since this is her first show she'd have been okay with that, but is thrilled to still be around for season 5.  This woman is a gem and I can't wait to see what she does next.  She spoke of the natural chemistry she has with Noble both on and off screen and that, being a comic book author herself, would love to continue Fringe's story - though it would be "The Adventures of Astrid."  She also added that she has read some of the racier Fringe fan fiction that has been written and, with a playful finger wag, called the authors "scandalous."
 The cast was asked about their favorite scenes that they were not in.  Many spoke of Nicole's incredibly touching scenes when her two characters, the Astrids from both universes, finally interacted (the cause of the aforementioned tearfest).  Noble expressed his love of the scenes where Peter cut off a man's fingers and Olivia shot 17 men.  Then he and Jackson talked about the losing-your-lunch moments Fringe has often created.

If you haven't watched this show, do.  It's an incredible, fantastical adventure with terrific characters and a compelling mythology.  And Noble's performance as Walter has been and continues to be Emmy-worthy.
Next it was my beloved Supernatural panel.  The panelists included new showrunner Jeremy Carver, writer/consulting producer Ben Edlund and cast members Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Mark A. Sheppard (Crowley), Misha Collins (Castiel) and Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer).  I had thought I had recorded their entrance - Ackles acted like a giddy schoolgirl upon Padalecki's arrival - but alas I have a new camera and obviously need more practice cause I don't have it.  But it was hilarious.
Hell, the whole panel was a laugh riot, and that's not bias.  These guys are hysterical! This team is so comfortable with each other that the teasing and comraderie is non-stop and because they had a great time, we did, too.  I have to say - and this is the fan girl in me coming out - Ackles looked gorgeous as ever and, while he's an equally good-looking man, Padalecki is in desperate need of a haircut.  Perhaps it's a character choice for the upcoming season.
On to the panel.  Here as well, no one wanted to give away too many details of the upcoming season, but we did get a few juicy tidbits, the main being that the Winchester brothers will be reunited very quickly (when last we left them, Dean was in Purgatory and Sam was topside and very much alone) and the season will feature many flashbacks to their time apart (about a year in their time).  We will see how each coped with their time apart - which Carver says has a profound effect on them both and which each will carry with them throughout the season - and the relationships built during that time.

"[These characters] are emotional shut-ins that have to learn to deal with other people," commented Edlund.  One such relationship will include Sam's new love interest (the recently cast Liane Balaban).
Other topics included:
  • Ackles' directing of his third episode (currently shooting), which will be a one-off and a bloody one at that.  
  • The question of whether Beaver's dearly and recently departed character, Bobby Singer, will return.  "It's Supernatural, so anything's possible, which I've said about 7,000 times this weekend," he commented.
  • The theme of season will be a la Raiders of the Lost Ark - several parties all going after one big power source.
  • How exactly do you pluralize the word Apocalypse?  Padalecki went with Apocali while a fan came up with Apocalypticai.
  • Ackles is a master at milking the audience.  Upon a comment, the crowd cheered and whooped and he proceeded to alternate signals of "no, stop" and "keep it coming" with subtle brilliance for about a minute. Adorable.
  • Which deceased character would they like to see brought back? Beaver emphatically raised his hand, while Richard Speight, Jr.'s Gabriel and Rob Benedict's Chuck were mentioned.  Ackles pointed out that both men were in the audience and hence warned them that they were now "not getting out of there."  He also outed attendee Sebastian Roche (Balthazar).
  • According to Ackles, "when you show up to wardrobe and your outfit includes plumbing (for blood spewage), it's not gonna be a good day."
Carver left us with this:  they are going to pull back from the heavy, heavy mythology and give the brothers a chance to come out from  the crushing amount they've been subjected to in past seasons and open them up to new areas.  And Ackles thanked the fans for the show's move to Wednesdays this fall.  "Friday is where shows go to die and our move is because of you."  Happy to support and you're most welcome. Here's to many more seasons!

Seriously, folks, watch these shows.  They are both winners and quality TV entertainment.  Fringe will air Fridays at 9 p.m. on FOX starting Sept. 28, Supernatural at 9 p.m. on Wednesdays on the CW starting Oct. 3.

Oh, and I did have one more awesome CC moment: 
A surprise Nathan Fillian spotting!  Gorramit, did I HATE missing the Firefly 10-year reunion.  Will definitely be catching the Science Channel special that will air this November.

Oh, and this was cool, too!
Yes, I was a fan of the original and that car is friggin' sweet!

Thanks always for tuning in!  Always more to come.

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