Monday, May 13, 2013

What's On For Fall and Beyond

Welcome to May Madness, TV Tourists!  Compiled together are the farewells to television seasons and some series, the mourning of cancelled shows and the buzz on all the pending shows tp be premiered in the fall.  I don't know about you but my head is SPINNING!

I have been reading the blurbs about all the new shows that have been picked up by the various networks and there is quite the range of comedies and dramas.  Some networks cleaned house more than others (hello, axe-happy NBC) to make room for new programs and there are some cool stars making their return to the small screen (welcome back Josh Holloway, James Caan and Sarah Michelle Gellar).

It's hard to make judgements of what I think will be worthy of watching this early on - and as always I will do my very best to review as many of the new shows as I can as my service to you - but there are shows definitely on my to-be-watched list based on their casting:

Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) heads up the new drama Killer Women, while It-Girl-of-the-Moment Rebel Wilson stars in Super Fun Night.  Back in the Game welcomes James Caan (Las Vegas) back to TV But the most anticipated show on this net for me is undeniably Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  A) you just can't go wrong with Joss Whedon; B) Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson is somehow resurrected; and C) Marvel is one hot property with the success of last year's The Avengers, current blockbuster Iron Man 3 and the upcoming Thor and Captain America sequels.

Lost hottie Josh Holloway heads up Intelligence, while Robin Williams returns to TV decades after Mork & Mindy to play dad to Sarah Michelle Gellar, making her own return after her failed Ringer, in Crazy Ones.  And movie comedienne Anna Faris stars in Mom.

I confess, I watch a LOT of the CW's programming.  Count em:  Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, 90210 (miss you already), Arrow.  So I don't doubt I'll be checking out the new shows - actually the least new programming of any of the nets due to them renewing just about everything.  Technically I've already seen the pilot of The Originals (you can read my review on this site) and the net seems to be sticking with what they do best: angsty, relationship-driven dramas with often with mystical elements, heightened action and, of course, REALLY good looking people.  New shows include The Tomorrow People, The Hundred and Reign.

Coming off the inevitably hot blockbuster Star Trek: Into Darkness, Karl Urban headlines Almost Human, while cult darling and does-he-NEVER-age? Seth Green stars in Dads (maybe he and Anna Faris should do a crossover).


I feel like NBC is just going to keep revamping their schedule every season until they feel they get it right.  I'm fair sure they cancelled more shows than anyone, proving that if you're not hot out out of the gate and stay there, you go bye-bye real quick-quick.  But they've got some heavy-duty comedy players in the new line-up, including the return of Sean Hayes in Sean Saves the World and bigger return of Michael J. Fox in the aptly titled The Michael J. Fox Show.  On the drama front, I guess the net was thrilled to have Gillian Anderson on as a guest star on Hannibal cause they picked up her new series Crisis (midseason).  There's also a show based on the hit movie About a Boy called - you guessed it - About a Boy.  And then there's Believe from producer J.J. Abrams.  Man's got the Midas touch, so definitely a must-see to see what's what.

Fear not summer, tourists:  there is going to be PLENTY to watch while we all wait on the edge of our couches for the new fall season, so come back here and I'll keep you on track with all I deem watch-worthy!

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