Monday, January 6, 2014

The Olympics ...


The 2014 Winter Olympics are upon us ... and I have to say, I'm not a fan.  It's not that I don't get swept up in the emotion of the Opening and Closing ceremonies, and I truly love the wrap-up montages at the end (I'm a sucker for a good montage).

But man, do the Olympics screw up regular TV programming!!  Now, I don't watch NBC much at all, but because of the event, all the other networks go into hiding, tabling their new episodes for the three weeks the Olympics are in action.  And this is right on the heels of the big winter hiatuses we're finally coming out of.  That means maybe we get one or two new episodes before we have to wait until March at least.  Frustrating!

As for the Olympics coverage itself, it annoys me in that I pretty much have to record HOURS of coverage just to see bits and pieces of the events I want to see.  If you watch live, you're constantly cutting between 3-4 different events.  So if I want to watch women's figure skating, I may have to deal with segments of curling or downhill skiing.  Again, frustrating.  I know that's how it works, but trying to isolate just the few events I am interested in and watch them with any kind of flow is difficult at best.

But the Olympics is a time the whole world comes together, and I respect that.  And when you do catch a gold medal-winning moment, it's pretty awesome.  Like I said, the end montages are great - I cry every time.

In any case, enjoy new TV while you can, cause come February, another big wait is coming (except cable shows?  If so, whew!).  And if you love and wait eagerly for the Olympics, have at it!

Later, Tourists!

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