Monday, October 13, 2014

The New TV Season So Far

Greetings, TV Tourists!

So we are several weeks into the new TV season and most of the new shows have premiered and are at least a couple of episodes in.  I've been able to watch most of the pilots and first eps and surprisingly I'm actually sticking with a great deal of them as they continue to draw me into their onscreen families and storylines.

Stand-outs for me include:


Also still-worth-coming-back-to:


Then there's one losing ground with me:


Had high hopes, but when I'm writing or doing other stuff while it's on, it's never a good sign.

And I've dropped:


Not that it's not good, and I am a big Shonda Rhimes fan, but with all I'm watching, something had to go, and this was the first one I felt no pangs over missing.

Of course, I still have all the shows that have returned!  Just a few include:


And more.
I watch a LOT of TV.
But hey, at least I get to share it with you!

Happy continued viewing, Tourists!

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