Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh, NBC ...

I think I've given up trying to figure out the Peacock Network's strategies for programming.  Since when do you shelve your hottest new series - one that requires following an intricate ongoing mythology - for months?  That's exactly what they are doing with the new hit show Revolution

For sure the show is going to lose momentum - and possibly viewers - when it goes on a long-ass hiatus at the end of November.  Return date?  March 25. That's four very long months.  It's hard enough waiting out a show that doesn't have an ongoing saga/mystery.  Not to mention it's been a long, damn while since the net had such a successful show.  This seems like programming suicide to me.

Then there's the fan favorite and critic-darling Community.  Granted, not a ratings wonder.  And having been exiled to Friday night, you can guess how the net has felt about it.  Plus the recent firing of creator Dan Harmon ...we all know how fans feel about that.  But when the show FINALLY returns to the airwaves on Feb. 7, it will be in its new 8 p.m. time slot on Thursdays.  Don't cheer just yet ... it'll be going head-to-head with ratings powerhouse The Big Bang Theory on CBS.  But Community has had and will now have more time for people to catch up with the DVDs/streaming, which may bring along new viewers when it returns.

The musical drama Smash will also return in February (Feb. 5).  It's been a long wait for a show that started strong and finished less strong, but I'm looking forward to its return.

NBC will be premiering its slate of mid-season shows over the coming months, including Deception (formerly Infamous), a drama/soapy murder mystery. Starring Meagan Good, Victor Garber, Tate Donovan and Katherine LaNasa, the show premieres Jan. 7, moving into Revolution's time slot. 1600 Penn, a First Family sitcom starring Bill Pullman, Jenna Elfman and Josh Gad, premieres Jan. 10 (Thursday). Ready for Love, a matchmaking show produced by Eva Longoria, premieres March 31.

Again, not sure I understand why NBC is shelving Revolution for so long, except that maybe when it returns, it'll have a nice, uninterrupted run through the back half of the season.  Let's hope loyal viewers are patient enough to return with it.

What do you think of NBC's programming strategy?  Let me know in the Comments below.


  1. I watched two eps of Revolution and didn't bother to watch the other three or four in my folder so I finally deleted them the other night. I just wasn't interested. Kinda like last year's "The Event," though I stuck that one out. But this just felt like I was in for more of the same. So I wasn't aware it was a "hit" for NBC. That said, I've given up trying to figure out NBC, too. Seriously, if they're gonna do all the half-season shows, just make them ALL half season, run them back to back and be done with it. NBC has pissed off so many viewers at this point that I'll be amazed if it EVER makes a comeback.

  2. NBC doesn't have much my family watches anymore either. I was excited for Revolution having read "Dies the Fire" but I find it not nearly as interesting as the book was. Although I am curious and while it is slow going I am not wanting it to just die out like Terra Nova a show I actually loved and it was exciting.

    I'm glad they kept Grimm and I hope they keep The New Normal. I dropped Go On when I found out the woman leading the group wasn't really a licensed mental health professional. Boo on NBC for that.

  3. I can tell you from down here in Wilmington NC where they are filming Revolution that things are alive and kicking in a major way. From the rumblings in the extra community (which is huge down here) it was a case of some technical issues that put filming behind schedule temporarily hence they want to finish the season up I believe before the bring it back to avoid any issues cropping up again. If you want some inside knowledge go to FB and look up Double A Casting which handles all the casting outside the main players here in Wilmington.