Saturday, March 2, 2013

Drop Dead Diva Lives!

Will wonders never cease...

Having found new financing, Lifetime Television has reversed it's decision to cancel the series Drop Dead Diva and instead renew it for a fifth season.

This is a terrific series.  Starring Broadway vet Brooke Elliott - who is excellent, charming and positively delightful in the lead role - DDD is about a model, Deb, who is killed in a car accident.  En route to Heaven, her soul is instead dropped back down into the body of super-smart lawyer, Jane.  So now Jane (henceforth new-Jane) lives her life and tries her cases with Deb's enthusiasm, playful perspective and out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity. 


When we left off at the end of Season 4, the real Jane (henceforth old-Jane) - who had died from being shot at the exact time as Deb, therefore enabling the switch to occur - was able to beam herself back into her old body, evicting Deb.  This will inevitably cause problems, since everyone in new-Jane's life is used to her, not to old-Jane, who was kind of a cold-hearted, very ambitiuous bitch.

It's not as confusing as it sounds, and SO worth jumping on board with.  It has a great supporting cast, including Jackson Hurst as Grayson, Deb's former fiancee and new-Jane's co-worker; Margaret Cho as Teri, new-Jane's assistant; April Bowlby as Stacy, Deb's best friend; and Ben Feldman as Fred, Deb/new-Jane's guardian angel.

If you like legal shows with a twist - think Ally McBeal and Eli Stone - this is a show for you.  Catch up before Season 5 arrives!

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