Tuesday, April 8, 2014

That's How You Do a Finale! - Being Human


I was worried, then scared, then my heart broke, then it soared, then I cried, then cheered.  All this means the series finale of SyFy's Being Human was fantastic! 


Right off, we heart-breakingly lose Sally (Meghan Rath), who selflessly sacrificed her spirit self to keep Aidan (Sam Witwer) - entranced by demon-child Ramona (Helen Colliander), who was the personification of evil trapped in the house our quartet has lived in throughout the series - from killing Josh (Sam Huntington).  Sally's final act makes Aidan human, something he hasn't been for centuries.   Helluva gift, but then, Sally loves Aidan, so it was worth it. 

Aidan embraces his renewed humanity, which includes copious amounts of cheeseburgers, until he learns his new life comes at a cost:  he quickly learns he has the body of a 90-year-old and has little more than a week to live.  He's terrified to die - he was, after all, a vicious killer during his vampire tenure - so he begs another vamp to turn him.  Josh stops him, though, and convinces him that he WILL move on in death (which, for this show, appears as a door to walk through).

When Ramona continues her house-bound killing spree, Aidan makes a sacrifice of his own, burning the house down with Ramona - and himself - inside, destroying her once and for all.  Josh and wife Nora (Kristen Hager) - they're werewolves) - arrive to find the burned shell of their former home - and Aidan's ghost.  Friends reunited!  I was happy for this, but not as happy as when Aidan's door arrives ... with Sally waiting for him on the other side!  She wasn't destroyed after all.  She just went on to wait for him.  *sniff*

The episode ended with  Josh and Nora lying blissfully in a field, having dreamt of the four friends living together happily in each coupling.  We then meet their two children - son Aidan and daughter Sally - and fade out to the sound of playful laughter.

A happy ending.  Love it!  Thanks, Being Human, for doing a finale ever so right.

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