Thursday, May 8, 2014

Round-Up - The Upfronts

Hideeho, TV Tourists!  Apologies for not posting for a while, but I'm back with a plethora of information regarding results from network TV's annual shopping spree - the Upfronts, from which each decides/announces what new shows they'll be premiering, which have been renewed and which are going bye-bye.  So, here's what we know:

ABC went on quite a binge, picking up many new series that will be premiering both in the fall and mid-season.  ABC is continuing their love affair with Shonda Rhimes, renewing her smash hit Scandal and long-running Grey's Anatomy and picking up her new drama How to Get Away With Murder.  To go along with their action-packed series MARVEL's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., they have committed to Agent Carter (based on the lead female character from Captain America).

Other new series:  The Whispers, Galavant, Forever, Selfie, Astronaut Wives Club, Manhattan Love Story, American Crime, Black-ish, and The Club.

Recent renewals:  Once Upon a Time, Resurrection, Revenge, The Goildbergs, Castle, and Modern Family.

Personally, I'm hoping the net decides to stick with Nashville and Trophy Wife.

CBS has pretty much stuck with their current roster of shows across the board, renewing virtually everything.  One new addition will be How I Met Your Dad, with Meg Ryan as the voice of the Mom.  Early word is that it will be far different from its predecessor How I Met Your Mother, which took its final bow recently after an amazing 9-season run - which could be either a good thing or a bad.

Other new series:  Battle Creek and Extant (a summer series starring Halle Berry).

I watch quite a bit of CBS programming, so I'm thrilled to not have too many changes next season.

 The CW is having a bit of the changing of the guard, dropping The Carrie Diaries, The Tomorrow People and Star-Crossed and picking up The Flash (which got a great intro in an episode of Arrow), the new RobThomas (the man behind Veronica Mars) drama iZombie, Jane the Virgin, and The Messengers.  They passed on the Supernatural spin-off Bloodlines (which, frankly, I'm glad.  It was not worthy of its predecessor's name).

Recent renewals:  Heart of Dixie, Beauty and the Beast, and The 100.

FOX is one of the networks I watch the least ... I think Sleepy Hollow (renewed, yay!) is the only show I watch.  Maybe that will change considering the deluge of new series coming to the net in the coming months.  The only one I know anything about this early on is Gotham, which will get FOX into the superhero game along with the CW (Arrow, Flash), ABC (S.H.I.E.L.D.) and NBC (see below).

Other new shows:  Backstrom, Bordertown, Hieroglyph, Last Man on Earth, Melaney, Weird Loners, Empire, and Red Band Society.

The net has cancelled Dads, Enlisted, Rake and Surviving Jack, and American Dad is moving to TBS.

Along with FOX, I don't watch much of the Peacock net (Parenthood, which has been renewed, is exceptional).  They, as I mentioned above, are going to premiere their superhero series Constantine, based on the DC Comics character.  Debra Messing is sticking with the net (I admittedly miss Smash) with the new dramedy The Mysteries of Laura.

Other new series:  A to Z, State of Affairs, Allegiance, Odyssey, Marry Me, Working the Engels, Aquarius, Emerald City, and Tooken.

Now granted, I know very little about most of these new shows, but will learn more in the coming months and will share accordingly.  One thing that is a very hot trend continuing to grow is the short-order series (average 13 episodes).  The days of the 22-episode run seems to be going be the wayside more and more.  Guess they see how successful the formula works on cable.  On the upside, they tend to let the entire series run consecutively without breaks (hiatus is SO annoying).  On the downside, if a series is awesome, you get so much less of it and have to wait so long for its return.

Feel free to share in the comments which you prefer.  And come back for further info on all things new TV!

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  1. Sad to see Surviving Jack was getting better as it went along and I was so rooting for Chris Meloni cuz I LOVELOVELOVE him. I didn't know about a possible Supernatural spin-off! What the hell was it supposed to be about?