Tuesday, May 15, 2012

ABC Fall Schedule

ABC is the next network to announce its Fall Lineup. 

Even though the net gave a last-minute reprieve to Body of Proof, it is not on the schedule.  It may be a mid-season offering, though that would mean a shortened season.  That's a shame ... it's a good show.

Looks like a great deal of shows are returning.  Dancing With the Stars is doing an all-star edition - that was only a matter of time.  And, like NBC, in late fall they'll be putting comedies in the 8 o'clock hour on Fridays. Not sure why the shift in November, but I've given up trying to figure out how network powers-that-be minds work.  Revenge moves to Sunday to fill the void left by Desperate Housewives, which had a nice series send-off this week, in my opinion.

So, here is what ABC will be bringing you this fall:

8 p.m. - Dancing With the Stars (January will switch to the Bachelor)
10 p.m. - Castle

8 p.m. - Dancing With the Stars Results Show
                 in January, 8 p.m. - How to Live With Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life) (NEW)
                                  8:30 - The Family Tools (NEW)
9 p.m. - Happy Endings
9:30 p.m. - Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23
10 p.m. - Private Practice

8 p.m.- The Middle
8:30 - Suburgatory
9 p.m. - Modern Family
9:30 p.m. - The Neighbors (NEW)
10 p.m. - Nashville (NEW)

8 p.m. - Last Resort (NEW)
9 p.m. - Grey's Anatomy
10 p.m. - Scandal

8 p.m. - Shark Tank (moves to 9 p.m. in November)
             November, 8 p.m. - Last Man Standing
                               8:30 - Malibu Country (NEW)
9 p.m. - Primetime: What Would You Do? (moves to 10 p.m. in November)
10 p.m. - 20/20

7 p.m. - America's Funniest Home Videos (how many years IS this???)
8 p.m. - Once Upon a Time
9 p.m. - Revenge
10 p.m. - 666 Park Avenue

Still to come ... CBS and The CW.

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