Monday, May 7, 2012

Bitter Sweet TV

Man, do I love television.  It's weeks like these that remind me of that.  True, it's dreaded season finale time which means we are just episodes away from a painfully long summer waiting for our favorite shows to return and take us back to these exciting moments we're being left with.  But in the meantime, there's so much good stuff happening, I'm just plain giddy.

Supernatural lives to see Season Eight!  And its creator, Erik Kripke, just got his new pilot picked up by NBC ... the one he's doing with J.J. Abrams.  Can you say dynamic duo?  Of course, we are talking about NBC here, soooo...
Fringe - don't worry, I won't say who but we were treated to THE MOST AMAZING SURPRISE RETURN by someone.  I am DYING to say who but I have friends that read this blog that I don't want to spoil it for but I actually stood up and cheered!  Oh, and we are getting a final season, the chance for the show to end right, on their terms.  Thank you, FOX, for that.  Chuck got that and I was so happy.  If a great show must end, as they all must eventually, this is the way.

Hawaii Five-0 saw the return tonight of Alex O'Loughlin, who has been sorely missed.  I am glad he has gotten help for his painkiller addiction and that we only had to go two episodes without him.  Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park carried on well but this show works best when the whole Ohana (Hawaiian for family) is together.  We were gifted with several classic Steve-Danny arguments (normally in the car, this time by phone) and they were as funny as ever.  And it was clearly conveyed throught the writing how much Alex was missed and how great is is to have him back.  The preview for next week's finale looks heartbreaking ...
 2 Broke Girls finished their freshman season on a high, with Caroline and Max scoring a rave for their cupcakes by none other than Martha Stewart.  It was quite a fight to get to her - last minute transport by horse, smuggled dresses, confrontation with an old boyfriend, overcoming family shame - but it was a hilarious journey with a satisfying end.  Our own modern day Laverne and Shirley.

 Grey's Anatomy had most of our docs passing their boards (sorry, April) and now we must wait to see who stays and who goes.  Gotta give them credit:  they're keeping the secret very well ... and it's killing me!  This show has come through cast changes before but this is a solid group and I hate to lose anyone.  From what I've read of the finale, it's going to be another hard one to get through.  Two season ago, when the distraught widower shot up the hospital, I had very few episodes of television that was that jaw-dropping and it's two hours I want to watch again but admittedly can't.  I have a feeling this season ender may do that again.  This show has been on a while and a few years ago it was showing its age but I think it's stronger and better than ever.
Just finished watching Castle's season finale right now and I knew what was coming:  the big Castle-Beckett confrontation about how they feel about each other.  We knew he loves her.  We knew she knew he loves her and, after last week, we were pretty sure he knew she knew he loves her.  Tonight he actually told her to her face.  And they got it on.  At last?  Where it goes from there I'm waiting and watching to see.  I'm on the fence about them getting together.  It hasn't always bode well (Moonlighting, anyone?) but sometimes it has (go Chuck and Sarah on Chuck!).  I like "Caskett" and think they make a great team.  But I don't want their relationship to change.  But I'll keep watching and hey, Nathan Fillion FINALLY has a hit, long-running series, so yay!

And all these shows will be back in the fall so SUPER YAY!!

Still lots of great TV to come this week and next.  Then my TiVo gets a slight break before all the great summer shows come back.  Always helps summer go by faster.  Looking forward to some new shows as well.  Please keep checking back in here for my reviews, recaps, opinions, recommendations, etc!

Oh, one thing I ain't happy about AT ALL:  ABC Family cancelled Make It or Break It.  Loved that show!  And now we won't get to see who gets to the Olympics.  *sniff*  Bad move, net...

Happy viewing!

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